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The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) has specific requirements that are outlined in the law that created the program. In this section, you will learn how to apply to the OSP for your child.

The Trust is no longer accepting applications for the 2013-14 school year!

How to Qualify

  • You and your child must be current D.C. residents
  • Your child must be 5-years-old by September 30th
  • Your household currently receive SNAP benefits (formerly known as Food Stamps) OR meet the income eligibility guidelines

To apply, the guardian of the child must fill out an application in person or online. Online applications can be submitted in person at the Trust or at one of our various application events throughout the District. Parents are recommended to submit applications in person in order to have the Program Team review submissions and inform you in person what additional documents may be needed. Applications can also be submitted through e-mail at [email protected] , but if incomplete, it may delay eligibility determination.

Afterwards, parents who have confirmed application submissions will begin to receive notification of the status of their student's application documents.

(IMPORTANT: If you apply online, your application will not be considered submitted until you have received a letter from the Trust confirming submission and your application household number.)

Along with filling out an application, you will need to provide documentation to prove that your child meets the residential , financial , and age requirements for the program. It is important to remember that if your child is deemed eligible by the Trust, he/she will go through baseline testing and be entered into a lottery.

Applying for an Opportunity Scholarship does not mean your child has automatically been awarded a scholarship.

Private School Search

Applying for the OSP is NOT the same as applying to a school. After you have filled out an OSP application, you should begin applying to participating schools for your child which is a separate application process for admission at the school. Don't delay applying to schools - being proactive now will give your child a strong chance of being admitted to their first choice. Visit our Choosing a School page to help you with your search.

Families with Current OSP Students

If your student is currently participating in the OSP, you must renew and prove eligibility each school year to continue using the scholarship. If you have a child currently participating in the OSP and want to apply for a new child you will have to submit both a Renewal and an Application form. You can download the both forms directly from our Document Library .